Brightness Controller




Manage the brightness and tone of your smartphone's screen


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Brightness Controller is an incredibly useful app that helps you manage the brightness of your smartphone’s screen and adjust it depending on your needs and preferences. If you were looking for an app like this, then you’ve definitely found a good one.

Using Brightness Controller is really simple. First of all, you can adjust your screen’s brightness so it perfectly suits your needs. You can actually see a preview of what your screen will look like after applying the modification, which is a pretty useful feature. As soon as you reach your preffered brightness level, you just have to click a button and the setting will be applied.

Besides modifying the brightness, you can also apply a series of filters that’ll turn your screen a specific color: red, yellow, blue or green. This feature helps you customize your screen to fit your needs even better.

Brightness Controller is a useful app that will make your smartphone even more comfortable to use. Check it out and discover all it can do for you!